Evadav Review: Leading Adult Content Platform 2024

Evadav Review stands out as an advertising platform specialized in meeting the unique needs of adult content websites. Recognized as an industry leader, Evadav trades native ads, push notifications, in-page, and popunder traffic in both CPM and CPC models. With a commitment to excellence, the platform serves over 2 billion daily impressions, boasting a portfolio of 100k verified sites and applications while collaborating with 50k trusted advertisers.


Evadav’s Noteworthy Achievements

Over the years, Evadav has experienced significant growth in revenue, traffic volumes, publisher portfolio size, and the number of advertisers. This success is attributed to the dedication of over 150 professionals worldwide, propelling the platform into the top 20 advertising platforms globally.

Technological Evolution at Evadav

At Evadav, technology is the driving force behind success. With substantial investments in new ad formats, payment models, and GEOs, the platform is committed to surpassing industry standards. The focus is always on understanding and meeting the changing needs of customers.

Empowering Publishers and Advertisers with Cutting-Edge Ads

Monetization Opportunities

Evadav serves as a leading advertising network, specializing in delivering engaging, high-quality ads in various formats such as push notifications, popunders, banners, native ads, and in-page messages. The platform spans 250 countries, reaching an extensive audience of over 3 billion daily impressions. It offers customized technology, 24-hour partner support, and diverse payment options for both publishers and advertisers.

Ad Formats Offered by Evadav

  1. Native Ads
    • Displayed within the site’s content for optimal viewing.
    • Quick and easy campaign setup with a wide range of payment methods.
    • Industry-leading algorithms for bidding and campaign performance tracking.
  2. Push Notifications
    • Clickable messages sent to desktop or mobile devices of users who have opted in to browser notifications.
    • Ideal for aggressively promoting ads with high click-through rates (CTR).
    • Large volumes available in CPC/CPM mode.
  3. In-Page Ads
    • Displayed directly on the website, compatible with all browsers and platforms.
    • Non-intrusive, with a high CTR, especially effective for various verticals.
  4. Popunders
    • Appear behind a browser window, capturing attention effectively.
    • Displayed once every 24 hours, ensuring optimal frequency.

Unlock the Potential of Evadav Today

Ready to elevate your advertising game? Evadav offers unparalleled opportunities for both publishers and advertisers. Whether you aim to maximize your earnings or supercharge your campaigns, register now and discover how Evadav can transform your online presence.

Volumes and Prices

Evadav offers competitive volumes and prices per ad format, working with CPM, CPC, and Smart CPM. The platform supports various countries with minimum and recommended bid information.

evadav ads

Payment Options for Publishers and Advertisers

For Publishers

  • Verified advertisers and expert monetization for all GEOs, platforms, and devices.
  • Weekly payments through over 12 fee-free payment systems.
  • Ad formats compatible with Google and a wide selection for customization.

For Advertisers

  • Quick launch of accounts and advertising campaigns in 15 minutes.
  • Traffic volumes of 3 billion impressions per day, minimizing competition for bids.
  • Multiple ad formats available under CPM and CPC pricing models.

Payment Methods for Advertisers

Advertisers can choose from a wide variety of payment methods, including:

  • USDT TRC20 (Capitalist)
  • Credit cards (Secure payment)
  • Capitalist
  • RuPay (Credit card payment)
  • Cards (Secure charge)
  • PIX (Credit card payment)
  • Google Pay (Braintree)
  • Payoneer
  • Paxum
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Bank transfer
  • USDT ERC20 (Capitalist)
  • UnionPay (G2A)
  • Bitcoin wire
  • Bitcoin
  • Braintree (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Skrill (G2A)
  • Safetypay (Payment wall)
  • Discover (Credit card payment)
  • Neteller (G2A)
  • Giropay (Secure charge)
  • Blik (G2A)
  • Klarna Sofort (G2A)
  • Bancontact (Secure charge)
  • JCB (Credit card payment)
  • Diners (With card)
  • POLi (Secure charge)
  • Payments 2C2P (SafeCharge)

Referral Program

Evadav values customer referrals, offering a 5% credit on future earnings generated by referred publishers.

In Conclusion

Evadav Review emerges as a powerhouse in the advertising space, providing a comprehensive platform for publishers and advertisers in the adult content industry. With cutting-edge technology, diverse ad formats, and a commitment to customer success, Evadav is poised to continue its upward trajectory in the dynamic world of online advertising. Let’s evolve together and create extraordinary businesses!

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