Adsterra Network Advertising Innovation in Adult Content

Adsterra Network, a digital advertising platform founded in 2013 by seasoned affiliate marketers and webmasters with over two decades of expertise, stands out as a pioneer in the field of digital advertising for porn and conventional websites. This initiative stems from a robust camaraderie among professionals sharing a common passion for technology and marketing, aiming to overcome barriers for webmasters and affiliates by sharing valuable knowledge and experiences.

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Business Vision of Adsterra Network

In the pursuit of excellence, Adsterra Network has assembled a professional team ranging from a competent IT department to experienced account managers and a risk management team. The company distinguishes itself with core values such as teamwork, transparency, commitment, and consistency, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and sustainable growth.

Specialization in Digital Advertising

Adsterra not only shines as one of the top adtech platforms but also specializes in advertising for adult content porn sites. Its approach encompasses both buying and selling traffic, providing advertisers and publishers with a comprehensive solution in the competitive landscape of digital advertising.


Adsterra’s mission goes beyond connecting advertisers and publishers globally. The company is dedicated to facilitating the growth, skill development, and professional improvement of its users. By establishing high standards of traffic and service quality, it actively contributes to the adtech market’s development through innovative products and knowledge sharing.


Ad Formats Offered by Adsterra

  1. Popunder and Banners:
    • Popunder: Opens in a new window upon click, remaining hidden if necessary.
    • Banners: Static or animated, available in various sizes and locations.
  2. Native Banners and Social Bar:
    • Native Banners: Seamless integration with site content.
    • Social Bar: Targeted at social traffic, allowing monetization on various platforms.
  3. Specialized Options:
    • Direct Link: Effective match between offer and traffic, ideal for affiliates and app owners.
    • In-Page Push Ads: Monetizes short URLs and parked domains, combining advertising formats.
  4. Video Pre-rolls:
    • Integrates short video ads before the main content playback, providing a specific monetization option.

The diversity of Adsterra’s ad formats ensures effective advertising solutions for both publishers and advertisers, allowing versatile adaptation to their specific needs.

Adsterra: Your Primary Advertising Network for Publishers

Why Choose Adsterra Network?

Boost Your Revenues:

  • Lifetime partnership for personalized revenue growth.
  • Quick approval in 10 minutes for immediate monetization.

Diverse Traffic Monetization:

  • Website traffic for desktop or mobile.
  • Social and mobile app traffic (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat).
  • URL shorteners and parked domains traffic.

Ad Formats for Maximum Earnings:

  • Popunder with 100% responsiveness.
  • Native Banners, Banners, Social Bar, and Direct Link options.
  • Custom combinations for URL shorteners (In-Page Push ads, popunders, classic banners, short video pre-rolls).

Three Levels of Security:

  • Innovative fraud detection systems.
  • Human verifications for additional security.

User-Friendly Platform:

  • Self-service platform for hassle-free management.
  • 24/7 multilingual online chat support.

Partner Care Beyond Support:

  • Analysis of your case for effective ad formats and settings.
  • Assistance in choosing the most suitable options.

Anti-Adblock Features:

  • Three anti-adblock options to increase revenues.
  • Code continues to run even when detected by ad-blocking plugins.

Multiple Payment Methods:

  • Customized payment options integrated for quick onboarding.
  • Ultra-fast moderation for a swift start.
  • Referral Program: Earn 5% Lifetime Income
  • Sign up and get a unique referral link.
  • Recommend Adsterra to friends and colleagues.

Easy, Rewarding, Transparent:

  • Real-time statistics and referral reports.
  • Withdraw your earnings whenever you want.

Referral Program: Earn 5% Lifetime Income:

  • Sign up and get a unique referral link.
  • Recommend Adsterra to friends and colleagues.

Maximize your income today! Join Adsterra, the leading advertising platform. Sign up now and discover a lifelong partnership. 📈💰

For Advertisers and Publishers:

  • Launch and stop campaigns, monitor filters and settings.
  • Real-time statistics for publishers to evaluate traffic monetization success.

Getting Started with Adsterra’s API:

  • Request access and get an API key.
  • Simple setup process.

Join Adsterra Network Now: You are just minutes away from joining thousands of unique publishers and direct advertisers. Register now and start testing to boost your revenues!

Payments: Adsterra Information and Rules

Payment Schedule:

  • Payments are processed on the 1st-2nd and 16th-17th of each month.
  • Processing hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT.
  • If these dates fall on weekends or holidays, payments are processed on the nearest business day.

Retention Period:

  • Once the minimum payment amount is reached, funds have a two-week retention period.
  • Payment is made during the first available payment period after the retention period ends.

Available Payment Systems:

  • Adsterra Network offers payment options such as Bitcoin, PayPal (Hyperwallet), Tether (ERC20 and TRC20), bank transfer, WebMoney (WMZ and WMT), and Paxum.

Details of Available Payment Systems:

  • Instant Payment: Minimum of $50, fee of $0.65 (USD).
  • Instant Payment with WebMoney: Minimum of $5, fee of 1% or 2% (USD/USDT) depending on WMZ or WMT.
  • Instant Payment with Paxum: Minimum of $5, fee of $1 (USD).
  • 3–4 days Payment with Bank Transfer: Minimum of $1000, fee of $50 for USD, $0 for EUR (USD/EUR).
  • Instant Payment with Bitcoin: Minimum of $100, network fee included.
  • Instant Payment with Tether: Minimum of $100, 2% fee plus network fee (USDT).

Payment Completion:

  • Publishers must complete all payment details on the Profile page.
  • Minimum payment amount must be reached.
  • Payment details must be completed before the payment period.

Receiving Payments:

  • Payment details are locked during the payment period and 3 days before and after.
  • Complete payment fields in advance to ensure timely payment.
  • Payments scheduled with a 2-week retention period based on the minimum payment amount and completion of payment details.

Pending Payment:

  • Indicates a scheduled payment that will be sent on time according to the payment schedule.
  • Payments are received instantly, except for bank transfer (takes 3-4 business days).

Invoice and Documents:

  • Publishers can find an invoice for a completed transaction in the Documents column on the Payments page.

Note: Detailed information on the required details for each payment system can be found in the Help Center. Payment system availability may vary depending on the account.

adsterra Network

Conclusion: In summary, Adsterra Network positions itself as a leader in digital advertising, offering a comprehensive platform for both publishers and advertisers. Founded in 2013, the company stands out for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Specializing in advertising for both adult and conventional content xxx sites, Adsterra provides a wide variety of advertising formats, from popunders to banners and short video pre-rolls.

With a competent professional team and core values such as transparency, Adsterra aims not only to connect advertisers and publishers globally but also to facilitate the growth and professional development of its users. The platform offers benefits such as a lifetime partnership, quick approval for monetization, and multiple levels of security, establishing itself as a versatile and effective choice in the competitive landscape of digital advertising. Join Adsterra Network now and experience a unique blend of innovation and results.

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