Elevate Porn Site with Plugin importing Live Cams WordPress

Welcome to the future of adult content creation! Elevate your Porn site with the groundbreaking WPS LiveJasmin WordPress Plugin. Designed to revolutionize the way you import live cams, this plugin is your ticket to success in the adult entertainment niche.

Plugin importador de Live jazmin

What is WPS LiveJasmin?

Unlock a world of possibilities with WPS LiveJasmin, the premier WordPress Plugin for importing Live Cams as Posts. Fully documented and equipped with the latest features, this plugin is a game-changer for porn site owners.

Benefits at a Glance:

1. Boost Your SEO:

  • Import promotion live cams as WordPress posts to increase your site’s indexed pages and enhance SEO.

2. Save Time Effortlessly:

  • Create posts in a click by importing live cams simultaneously, saving you valuable time.

3. Monetize with Ease:

  • Integrated advertising in promotion videos includes your affiliate link, making monetization seamless.

How WPS LiveJasmin Works in 2 Simple Steps:

  1. Configure LiveJasmin Plugin:
    • Manage LiveJasmin through the AWEmpire affiliate program. Set your AWEmpire PSID and accessKey for commissions and API access.
  2. Import LiveJasmin Promotion Videos:
    • Start importing LiveJasmin videos once the plugin is set up. Choose a niche, search, select videos, and let the plugin do the rest.

Plugin importing Live Cams

Unlock the full potential of your porn site with WPS LiveJasmin – Your Gateway to Live Cam Excellence! 🚀🔞 Get Started Now

Main Features:

  • Mass Import Live Cams:
    • Import promotion live cams and their data into WordPress posts effortlessly.
  • Auto-Pilot Mode:
    • Schedule automatic imports of new live cams, saving you time and effort.
  • Monetization Integration:
    • The LiveJasmin promotion embed player comes with integrated advertising for effortless monetization.
  • SEO Friendly:
    • Neatly imported data ready for search engines ensures your site remains SEO-friendly.
  • Neat Admin UI:
    • Enjoy a responsive and user-friendly admin interface designed for ease of use.
  • 300+ LiveJasmin Niches:
    • Import videos from over 300 LiveJasmin adult niches for a diverse and engaging site.
  • Theme Compatibility:
    • Compatible with WP-Script Themes and any WordPress theme for seamless integration.
  • Many Options Available:
    • Customize plugin settings according to your preferences with smart integrated options.


Enhance your porn site, save time, and boost monetization with WPS LiveJasmin. Don’t miss the chance to create a dynamic and successful Live Cam WordPress site. Embrace the future of adult content creation today!

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