WPS Checker: Effortless Broken Link Detection Plugin

WPS Checker, a dynamic WordPress plugin, revolutionizes link management on your site. This tool effortlessly detects and reports deleted videos from Tubes and identifies any broken links, ensuring your content stays seamlessly connected.

Plugin WPS Checker

Plugin Overview

  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Documentation: Fully Documented
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

Visual Overview

Explore the plugin’s functionality through visual representations. See how a single button initiates a smart scan, making link management a breeze.

Main Features

Find Broken Links

  • This plugin scans all published posts, retrieving deleted videos, broken images, and links from custom fields.

Powerful and Easy to Use

  • A single button press automates the scanning process. Integrated filters enhance user convenience.

Neat Admin UI

  • Utilizing VueJs + RxJS, the plugin offers a smooth and controlled user experience, preventing server overload.

Save Your Time

  • All broken links are saved, eliminating the need for repetitive scans. Save time and manage links efficiently.

Bulk Edit Posts

  • Identify posts with broken links and perform bulk actions like drafting or deleting.

Scan Again

  • Re-scan any post with broken links at any time, especially after making changes.

Synergy with WPS Plugins

  • Harmonize with WPS Mass Embedder or WPS Single Embedder plugins. Detect removed videos or broken images effortlessly.

WPS Checker

Fully Compatible

  • Scan and identify any broken link in all your posts, including videos, images, and regular links.

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Enhance your site’s link integrity with WPS Checker. Effortlessly manage broken links and ensure a seamless user experience. Explore the plugin and revolutionize your link management.


WPS Checker empowers you to effortlessly find and fix broken links, saving time and ensuring your site’s content remains interconnected. Activate it now to optimize link management and enjoy a more robust website. Explore the plugin and take control of your site’s link health.

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