WPS Mass Embedder: Import Thousands of Adult Videos Now

WPS Mass Embedder stands as the ultimate solution for effortlessly importing thousands of adult videos from top-rated content sites. With powerful features, seamless monetization, and theme compatibility, elevate your site to new heights.

Mass Embedder Plugin

Plugin Overview

  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Documentation: Fully Documented
  • Active Installations: 58.4K
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

Key Features

Mass Video Import

  • Easily import adult videos and their data into WordPress posts. Search and select videos from 50+ sites, including xHamster, Xvideos, Pornhub, and more.

Autopilot Mode

  • Set up automatic daily imports of new videos effortlessly. The plugin, powered by WordPress or server cron jobs, retrieves and imports new videos from saved feeds without manual intervention.

Integrated Monetization

  • Utilize the integrated partner embed player to save bandwidth and redirect traffic to the original site, earning commissions. Display banners from adult advertising networks.

No Redirections

  • Keep visitors on your site by preventing redirection to original tube sites. Control redirections from selected partner iframes.


  • The clean admin UI allows easy editing and optimization of video content, ensuring a search engine-friendly presentation.

Attractive Admin UI

  • Designed with Bootstrap and Vue.js, the responsive admin UI facilitates real-time actions, making the user experience seamless.

WPS Mass Embedder

Elevate your adult content site effortlessly with WPS Mass Embedder! 🚀 Discover seamless video management and transform your user experience. Don’t waste another moment—integrate it now and take your site to the next level! 💻✨ Explore the possibilities

50+ Integrated Partners

  • Import videos from 50+ major sites, such as xHamster, Xvideos, Pornhub, Redtube, and more, with filters to select the best tubes based on your needs.

Theme Compatibility

  • 100% compatible with all WPS Themes, configurable to work with any WordPress theme by automatically setting up custom post types, meta, and taxonomies.

Customization Options

  • Configure the plugin with smart integrated options. Set options for search results, default post status, autopilot, and more.

Video Data Selection

  • Toggle options to import only the video data you want, such as title, thumbnails, description, tags, and actors.

Display Modes

  • Choose between two video display modes in the retrieved videos list. Video cards have larger thumbnails, while video lists allow dynamic changes to all video data.

Accurate Video Selection

  • Check every retrieved video you want to import, facilitating quick bypassing of unwanted videos. Use the bulk check button for one-click checking/unchecking.

On-the-Fly Editing

  • Click on any video in the search results list to access all video information. Preview the video, view the thumbnails gallery, and edit the title, description, tags, and actors before importing videos.

No Duplicate Videos

  • Bypass importing duplicate videos already in your database. This eliminates the need for manually entering page numbers to retrieve videos.

Saved Feeds

  • Save video searches as “Feeds” for quick access. Feeds link your current search to a selected WordPress category, providing information and actions for each. Filter, change default post status, and toggle autopilot for saved feeds.


WPS Mass Embedder streamlines the mass import of adult videos, offering advanced options and an intuitive interface. Make the most of your adult content with this powerful tool. Explore the plugin now!

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