AdBlocker Detector Plugin WPS: Enhance User Experience

The WPS AdBlocker Detector is a robust WordPress plugin designed to automatically detect and alert your website visitors about the presence of ad blockers. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of customizable options, this tool ensures a seamless experience for both you and your audience.

Plugin Para Detectar AdBlocker

Plugin Details: AdBlocker Detector Plugin

  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Documentation: Fully Documented
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

Key Features:

Ad Blocker Detection Popup

Detect all ad blocker browser plugins and display a customizable popup to warn your visitors to deactivate them.

Page Refresh Functionality

Allow your visitors to easily refresh the page after deactivating their ad blocker.

Popup Customization

Choose whether your visitors can close the popup and continue navigating on your site. Customize the appearance, including the color of refresh and close buttons.

Color Customization

Change the color of refresh and close buttons to seamlessly integrate with your website’s color scheme.

Dark Mode

Activate the dark mode option to enhance the user experience for your visitors browsing your website.

Content Editing

Customize all texts displayed in the Ad Blocker Detector popup, including title, description, refresh, and close buttons.

AdBlocker Detector Plugin


This plugin seamlessly integrates with any WordPress themes. Activate it, and a notification bar will automatically be displayed.

Free Support

Enjoy free support and the opportunity to share your suggestions for plugin improvement with the WP-Script team.

Call to Action: Enhance your website’s user experience by preventing ad blockers from affecting your content. Explore WPS AdBlocker Detector now and ensure your visitors have uninterrupted access to your valuable content.

Conclusion: Ensure your website remains ad blocker-free with WPS AdBlocker Detector. Act now to provide an optimal browsing experience for your audience.

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