WPS Player: Elevate Your Video Experience to New Heights

WPS Player, the most potent WordPress MP4 Video Player plugin, transforms your video content experience. Elevate engagement with powerful features like custom ads, shortcode flexibility, and seamless integration with WP-Script plugins and themes.

WPS Player Plugin

Plugin Overview

  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Documentation: Fully Documented
  • Active Installations: 34.2K
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

Main Features

Display Your Own Ads

  • Insert custom ad codes in WPS Player options for pre-roll, mid-roll, and on-pause ads. Tailor your ad strategy for optimal engagement.


  • Utilize the WPS Player shortcode to display the player anywhere on your site. Customize settings such as video URL, autoplay, resolution switcher, and more.

Synergy with WP-Script Plugins

  • Import MP4 videos with WPS Grabber plugin and seamlessly display them using WPS Player, complete with HTML5 Video Player and your custom ads.

Synergy with WP-Script Themes

  • Fully integrated into WP-Script Themes, WPS Player adapts styles, colors, ads, and watermarks according to theme settings.

All WP Themes Ready

  • Automatically replace embed video codes from supported Tubes with the HTML5 Video Player version, ensuring compatibility with any WordPress theme.

WP-Script Free Support

  • Benefit from free support and contribute your suggestions to enhance the plugin.

Features Details

Pre-Roll In-Stream Ad

  • Serve pre-roll video ads before content, lasting 10 to 30 seconds or more. Easily use pre-roll ads with a VAST URL through WPS Player.

Mid-Roll In-Stream Ad + Timer

  • Display mid-roll ads in the middle of content with customizable start times using the timer option in WPS Player.

Before Video Playing Ad Slot

  • Show banners over the player before video playback. Visitors can close banners with a “Close and Play” button, enhancing user experience.

On Video Pause Ad Slot

  • Display banners over the player when the video is paused. The “Close and Play” button allows visitors to close banners and resume playback.

Quality Switcher

  • Allow visitors to switch video quality, useful for weak internet connections. Manually set resolutions via shortcode or WP-Script theme options.

HLS M3u8 File Support

  • Exclusive feature: Quality switcher also works with HLS M3u8 files, enhancing video quality options.

WPS Player

🚀 Call to Action: Revolutionize Your Video Experience!

Transform your video experience with WPS Player. Customize ads, shortcode settings, and enjoy seamless integration. Explore the plugin for a video-rich website!


WPS Player empowers your video content strategy, offering dynamic ad placement and customization options. Activate it now to revolutionize your video engagement. Explore the plugin and unleash the potential of your video content.

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