WPS Single Embedder: Seamless Adult Video Integration

WPS Single Embedder, a dynamic WordPress plugin, simplifies the process of importing adult video content. Copy and paste video URLs from popular tubes and import all data with just one click. Discover the features that make WPS Single Embedder the go-to solution for seamless adult video integration.

WPS Single Embedder

Plugin Overview

  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Documentation: Fully Documented
  • Active Installations: 11.9K
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

Visual Overview

Explore the plugin’s functionality through visual representations. See how easy it is to import adult video content with a few clicks.

Main Features

Import from Video URL

  • Grab embed videos from the best adult video URLs in your WordPress posts with just 2 clicks.

Embed Player Ready

  • Utilize the embed player to save bandwidth and redirect traffic to the original tube, potentially earning commissions.

Themes Compatible

  • 100% compatibility with WPS Themes and any other WordPress themes.

Choose Data to Import

  • Toggle options to import video data you desire, including title, thumbnail, description, tags, and actors.

Real-Time Video URLs Detector

  • Upload videos fast by typing or pasting URLs in the text area now.. All valid URLs will be detected in real time.

Smart Videos Feedbacks

  • Receive all video data before importing. Determine if each video is ready for import or requires adjustments.

Change Content on the Fly

  • Preview videos, explore thumbnails, and modify title, description, tags, and actors before importing videos.

No Duplicated Videos

  • Bypass videos already in your database when retrieving new ones, preventing duplicates.

Two Videos Display Modes

  • Choose between two display modes (cards or lists) in the retrieved videos list.

Importing Options

  • Customize importing options such as changing post status (publish/draft), choosing a WP Category, or creating a new one on the fly during video importation.

Single Embedder Plugin

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Simplify adult video integration with WPS Single Embedder. Effortlessly import videos with rich customization options. Explore the plugin and elevate your adult content presentation!


WPS Single Embedder empowers you to seamlessly import adult video content, customize data, and enhance your website’s adult content section. Activate it now to streamline adult content management. Explore the plugin and transform your adult content integration experience.

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