WPS Booster: Elevate Site Impact with Views and Ratings

WPS Booster, a dynamic WordPress plugin, empowers your site by enhancing views and ratings. Revolutionize your new site’s visibility and keep visitors engaged. Discover the features that make WPS Booster the go-to plugin for boosting site metrics.

WPS Booster

Plugin Overview

  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Active Installations: 13.8K
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.6 or higher

Visual Overview

See the plugin in action through visual representations. Learn how to set views, likes, dislikes, and activate the auto booster feature effortlessly.

Main Features

Turn Your Site Into a Powerhouse

  • Keep visitors on your site by taking control of views and likes. No more 0 views/likes that drive them away.

Boost Views and Ratings

  • Rapidly change views, likes, and dislikes on your videos within the desired range (e.g., between 1,500 and 10,000 views).

Manual Boost

  • Boost views and ratings on all existing videos within your preferred range. Repeat whenever necessary.

Auto Boost

  • Automatically boost views and ratings on any new video added to your site, whether manually or automatically added by a plugin.

Synergy with WPS Plugins

  • Harmonize with WPS Mass Embedder or WPS Single Embedder plugins. Boost video views and ratings instantly.

Compatibility with WP-Script Themes

  • Currently compatible with WP-Script themes, with full compatibility for any WP theme in development.

Powerful and Easy to Use

  • Simply set up ranges for manual and auto boost for views and ratings. It’s that easy!

Neat Admin UI

  • Utilizes VueJs + RxJS for a smooth user experience. Well-controlled to prevent server overload.

Free Support

  • Benefit from free support and share suggestions to enhance the plugin.

Future Features

  • Anticipate compatibility with any WP theme and Smart Boosting in upcoming updates.

WPS Booster

🚀 Call to Action: Boost Your Site’s Impact Now!

Elevate your site’s visibility and engagement with WPS Booster. Effortlessly manage views and ratings to foster site growth. Explore the plugin and witness the difference!


WPS Booster empowers your new site by providing control over views and ratings. Activate it now to enhance engagement and boost your site’s metrics. Explore the plugin and witness the transformation of your site’s impact.

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